Web Analytics to Get the Big Picture

Conversion rate is an important factor in determining the profitability of a website. There are many websites that provide some form of web analytics, and each web analytics program gives the users with different reports, but what are the basic factors that affect the rate of conversion?

The first thing that people consider when they visit a website

is the ability to get what they need from the website, it does not matter if the user lands on the page and finds nothing because he is unable to find what he wants or if he finds something, what is the point of visiting the website? It should be made clear that there are many free tools that can assist you in determining the conversion rate.

Web analytics is based on the statistics collected by web analysis software that allows the client to keep track of all the information related to the users and pages that can be easily monitored by the clients. Statistics include the number of times the user visited the website and the rate of the visitors, the total number of clicks per visit, click throughs and the number of unique visitors.

All these things provide you with the information that will help you calculate the number of visits and click throughs, this is the basis of the value of the visitors. This information can be used for the improvement of the marketing campaigns and this can also be used to determine the conversion rate of the campaign.

The higher the rate of conversion, the better the chances of the site’s success. And the higher the conversion rate, the higher the profits that are obtainable for the business.

The first step that you should take when designing a campaign is to estimate the rate of conversions. The best way to do this is to collect the data on the web analytics tools.

Next step is to analyze the data and determine the conversion rate and it is only then you can plan your campaigns. You should calculate the conversions for every campaign.

The success of your website should be measured in terms of the number of visitors

and the number of conversions, these are both determined by the effectiveness of the website design and the effectiveness of the strategy. Therefore, the design should be high-quality and should provide value for the visitor.

An effective design will increase the conversion rate, the design should be easy to use, and it should give the visitor a sense of belongingness. The design should be done by the professionals and they should put into effect the right strategies.

Any web design needs to meet the requirements of the visitors as well as the customers, the visitors need to find the website easy to navigate, the visitor needs to feel that he has found what he is looking for. To help the visitors to find their way around the website, it is important to utilize other means like graphics, color schemes, fonts, and other variables.

Quality is an important factor in making the website useful to the users. Since the whole purpose of the website is to provide the visitor with information or to generate revenue, the quality of the information is a major factor,

  • The content of the website should be helpful, informative and relevant.
  • Thus, the web analytics provides you with valuable and reliable information that can help you a lot in planning your marketing strategy.
  • These will help you in determining the number of visitors and the conversion rate.