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Order Weekly Targeted Visitors

Would you like to keep people coming to your website, week after week? If so, the Weekly Visitor System is for you.

Without any significant amount of people visiting your website, you will not be able to make any sales.

With our Weekly Visitor System, you will have people coming to your website, week after week so that you can make the most amount of sales without any effort on your part.

Look at what you will receive:

 FREE Banner Advertising: on all our web pages as long as you remain a weekly subscriber. Check to see how much you are saving!
 Reduced Rates: The Prices for weekly advertising is lower than a one-time order. You are saving $10 - $50 per order!
Continued Advertising: You will be able to get a constant flow of new people to your website so you don't miss out on making sales.
Visitors: No FFA traffic, No exit traffic. We deliver real people to your website.

 How much money can you make?:
We honestly have no idea. You might make no sales. Or you might make a lot of sales. It totally depends on if people want the product or service that you are offering.
If you had a product that people wanted and are willing to pay for and you made a $20 profit on each sale, an order of 20,000 visitors with a 0.2% conversion rate, would hypothetically give you $800 profit!

If you would like to promote your website without doing any work and would like to profit from the internet cash explosion, the Weekly Visitor System is for you!

Choose any one of the Weekly packages below and please hit: "Click here to continue" after you made your purchase. That will take to you where you will enter your website information. 

 Note: Making any purchase below clarifies that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service

We accept Paypal payments, personal and business checks and all Credit Card payments. Please follow the onscreen instructions while placing your order.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

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After placing your order, please click the continue button at the bottom of the payment page to enter your website information.

Weekly Targeted Visitor Packages

We offer 2 types of Weekly Targeted Visitors

1). Weekly USA Visitors

2). Weekly UK Visitors


IMPORTANT: By purchasing any weekly visitor packages, you agree to use the service for at least 2 weeks. Campaigns discontinued before the 2 week initial term will be placed inactive and will be charged a 20% purchase price fee to complete the current campaign. Cancellations can be performed at least 2 business days before your next billing date.  The packages below are targeted and unique visitors.


What page should you send your visitors to?


Weekly USA Visitors (business opportunities, shopping, etc.)

You will SAVE $10 - $50 each week by ordering below.

      20,000 Visitors each week   $49/week        (Regular Price: $59)

      40,000 Visitors each week   $79/week        (Regular Price: $99)

      100,000 Visitors each week   $169/week    (Regular Price: $199)

      200,000 Visitors each week   $349/week    (Regular Price: $399)


Weekly UK Visitors (business opportunities, shopping, etc.)

You will SAVE $10 - $50 each week by ordering below.

      20,000 Visitors each week   $49/ week       (Regular Price: $59)

      40,000 Visitors each week   $79/ week       (Regular Price: $99)

      100,000 Visitors each week   $169/ week   (Regular Price: $199)

      200,000 Visitors each week   $349/ week   (Regular Price: $399)





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