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Below you will find testimonials from some of our clients that have used our services.

“Traffic Excess has been a tremendous partner. Within the 1st week of my campaign, I received 2 sales. The customer service is outstanding and they always respond to me. Traffic Excess have been and will continue to be a valued partner.”

Tyrone Davis / / Motor Club of America (MCA)

"Thanks Tunde......... thanks for a great job please use me as a referral.

Everett Jolly

"Thanks for the previous order. I liked it. However, one of you had mention that you may have a more targeted guaranteed sign up for a penny auction site like
Please give me all the details including pricing"

Wendell Wilkins


"I figured out how they were paying me. I did get the advance of $80 on each of the 2 sales. Yahooooooooo! I made $160 minus $6 for the admin fee which equals $154 sales so far. It only cost me $40 to generate the $154 in sales." 

Matt S. / / Motor Club of America (MCA)


"Wow! Talk about getting results...Fast service and great results. Exactly what we needed, they delivered well above our expectations. We are very pleased with the products and services that we purchased from Traffic Excess and highly recommend them to everyone." 

Uptick Newswire


Things look super. Great job. I want to make sure you have me on auto billing and will keep going every month and I don't have to do anything monthly. 

- Tony


Thank you and I will be submitting my monthly order that you have developed for me on Fri Sept 21. Great job great signups and very affordable.

Ronald Sylvester.



I have to say amazing service... Most of the Guaranteed Home Business Signups are becoming members.
Needless to say, I will be a repeat customer.

Thanks for your quality service and support!

Shay C.


Wow I'm shocked at the service you guys provide. I bought the 2,600 monthly targeted keyword package and I kid you not, I got 15 sign ups to my capture page. your customer service is awesome. They always help me. Tunde, I can't thank you enough for your help and great expertise. I will highly recommend this service.


I purchased 300 targeted keyword visitors last week for I was impressed. I received 4 signups from the campaign. The question I have is about the 10,000 weekly targeted and unique visitor pkg for 49.00 per week. Would this be the same type of marketing that I previously purchased...targeted, keyword and unique and also I understand the 10,000 is by category...would there be a proper category for my website. I am interested in this pkg but I hope it is KEYWORD targeted as well. Thanks. 

Cynthia Terry

The results of my last order were that I got 524 free signups from my sweeps page days 1-2, and average 18 per day days 3-7 although each day I received 2800-2900 visitors from you guys per day over 7 days. What I am looking for is consistency. Can you recommend something for my site to use with your company as I want to buy again, but want to test different categories or the traffic you may have that works best for us?" 

William Mobley

WOW! I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of your designs!

I like NoSelling2.jpg, and I wonder if you could replace the sentence "no follow-ups" with "no objections", and make the font for the website URL a little bit larger before you embed the final HTML code unto the ad.

Thank you so much for the high quality of your work and the affordable price! I have two more different ads that I want you guys to design for me, and I will be placing the orders right away. And please feel free to use my testimonial!

Thank you!
Rafael Garrett
Since 2005 I have worked with Traffic Excess and have always found them very helpful.  However, recently I began using their guaranteed signups.  One word sums it up: WOW!  I had my doubts that they could actually deliver 500 signups in so little time until I started seeing 25 signups a day.  And these were genuine signups that actually convert into sales!

As if that wasn't enough, their customer service has been absolutely outstanding.  They actually answer their phones and when they don't, they call back immediately.  When I needed quick answers I have also used the online chat dozens of times and their agent was eager to spend as much time as it takes to help me.

There are a lot of scams out there that pretend to deliver signups but they really don't, and they could care less whether or not the signups are of any quality.  This company has proven itself with integrity, honesty, and quality.

Making money online sometimes is a matter of having that resource that moves you from losing money to making money.  For me, that resource is Traffic Excess.

Chris P.
Global Success Club

I'm sooooo bad on the computer and the web, I can't even find the right place to put my testimonial.
When you are as bad as I am, you spend a lot of time and money for zero results.
But with " Traffic Excess " that changes so fast and easy and the results start coming in fast.
How good and how fast ? I plan to use them for the rest of my life.
They have many other services that I have not tried yet.
When I do, the results will be excellent.
So if you want to make money in any business, start with Traffic Excess, they are the best.

YouCanDoitToday Home Business


My name is Jack Arnett. I've been using the internet for years, but never had run an email campaign before. I was skeptical about who to trust. I finally liked what I saw at TrafficExcess. Boy did I hit the jackpot! Their customer service and support was unlike any before. From the online chat to the home phone calls, they were there to see that I had what I needed and understood what was going on. They've made a customer for life here, and I highly recommend them to anybody else who is trying to get traffic and make money online.



Thank you Traffic Excess for the great service!  Your customer service is the best on the internet. The traffic I have purchased has been very effective.  I would recommend anyone to your company.

You’ve made a customer for life.

Francis Good


Finally I’ve found a company delivering real value for the dollar. And I would have never known the depth of what can do if it were not for customer service representative, Chris.  So, special thank you to Chris for spending your time after hours to help me get started. 

You’ve made a customer for life.

Guy Sellars, California


It is finally a real pleasure to do business with a traffic delivery company that deliver real visitors to purchase the products I have to offer. I have been using Traffic Excess targeted visitors for about three months and I have noticed my Conversion rate rise from a dismal 2 to 5 % to an astonishing 30 to 49 %. This is the type of achievement I have been looking for, For over seven years in this business. I consider it a great honor to recommend Traffic Excess to all my friends and business associates.

Best Regards: Louis Haynes / L Haynes Enterprise


Thanks so very much for your professional, thorough and friendly is very rare and much appreciated.

Kevin Pritchett
Chicago, IL


I would like to thank Traffic Excess for all their help in getting visitors to my site. Jamie has gone above and beyond in trying to help me get my site optimized and to drive the right traffic to it.

Traffic Excess is the FIRST company I have used that actually produced results. Other companies have made big claims, but came up way short in the results.

I look forward to much bigger and better things in the future.

Thanks Jamie!

Ray Wallace
Payday Direct USA


I would like to tell you how happy I am with your services. I have had a huge boost in traffic and many people signed up already. Everything your services promise has been delivered. Thank you.

Robert Cassidy


Thank you for the fast service! I am very satisfied with the ads and keywords and I really believe you guys know EXACTLY what my site needs.

Thanks again,

Rodney M.

I want to commend Traffic Excess and the great work they do in providing very high quality advertising at very affordable prices. When my company first came across Traffic Excess we were struggling to find cost effective advertising. We came across numerous advertising sites on the internet, but we were unable to find a company that actually delivered what they promised. Well the team at Traffic Excess really came through for us. Chris and Jamie really bent over backwards to make things work for us. We needed visitors that would convert and that is what they provided. We really appreciate the fact that you all are determined to make sure that we succeed. It is refreshing, in today's world, to deal with a honest and reliable company. Thanks again Traffic Excess!
Julian Angel
Hello Jamie,

Thank you so much for getting back to me - especially on a Friday night, on Easter weekend (3/21/08). It says a lot about your customer service... (feel free to quote me on that however you'd like to - I'm truly impressed).  I have passed the word, and will update mid-stream if the clients opt to do so.   

My best regards,

Michael K. VerKamp

May I just say that Traffic Excess is superb.  I am getting so much interest in my website now.  I
have been trying for 4 months to get quality targeted visitors to my site without success.  I find extremely frustrating FFA sites that bombard you with lots of crap regarding the same subject from different people run from a robotic system. I am member of a legitimate company for producing a passive income to ordinary people and will DEFINITELY make sure they use you guys.
TrafficExcess gave me QUALITY REAL HUMAN TARGETED VISITORS and that is hard to find. The prices for visitors are also superb. Roughly $140 for 20,000 quality targeted visitors, superb. I will always stick with you honest guys because I can trust you which is very difficult to find on the internet.

Thanks to everyone in your company,
A very satisfied customer,
Steve Jones,
Wales, UK started using TrafficExcess in October 2002 - initially just on a trial basis - The trial was very successful (unlike the trials we had run with several of your competitors!) and we then quickly switched to a weekly contract, gradually extending the weekly traffic rate as time 
progressed. I have nothing but praise for the way your company works - you say what you can do and when you can do it, and you go ahead and do exactly what you say - a pleasant change in this business. 
When we started with you, our company was progressing OK but still low profile - we needed targeted UK only traffic and you supplied that consistently - your service was largely responsible for taking our site from a virtual unknown to one of the largest and best known mortgage websites in the United Kingdom in just a couple of years. Thank you for your continuing efforts, after some 3 years of excellent service, I could not recommend your service more highly..........

John Willis
Managing Director - UK Mortgages Online Ltd - UK
15th October 2005
I have had some AWESOME success with your company in the past with
traffic so... I am trying these guaranteed signups."

Mark Keller
"Hello Traffic Excess,

I am going to be 100% honest, I know a lot of testimonials are simply glowing with successful stories. As you know my web site was struggling of late. However, thanks to your persistence and tenaciousness, you have helped me overcome all the obstacles and have literally walked Kalyn Press through any difficulties we experienced when we switched over to your service. I have truly been impressed with your personal efforts on our behalf. Your experience, integrity, and professionalism is truly appreciated. Looking forward to a long and successful relationship!"

Laurence Kalmanson

"I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how WONDERFUL your traffic service is. It is absolutely AMAZING. I ordered 10,000 per week and within a few hours on the VERY first day, I had over 1,000 visitors. Within the next 7 days, I had ALL 10,000 visitors. Your service is simply GOLDEN. I am very much thankful to you for your service!"

Frankie Smith.
Affiliate of ( is not affiliated with Traffic Excess)
"I am very impressed with the customer service provided. We have worked very hard to create a very customer friendly environment on our website and have been searching for people to work with that have the same philosophy. Traffic Excess is very responsive and works hard to help your company succeed at your advertising goals. We feel that the key to success on the internet is prompt and consistent customer service and Traffic Excess excels at both. We look forward to working with you for years to come"

Todd O'Day.
"Traffic Excess should be named customer service SUCCESS. They are truly terrific. I started with 10,000 visitors to my web site per week and had quite a few changes. Eventually I settled on what works best for me (Banner Advertising), and the folks at Traffic Excess were and are fantastic. They do listen to what you are saying or typing as the case might be. Thanks, Jamie and all!!!! "

Kevin Vaughn.
"I was looking for a way to increase sales to my Internet shopping mall at and I was tired of waiting to get listed on search engines. In the past, I have ordered different types of visitor campaigns including pop-unders and banner space on Hotmail but none of them produced any sales till I tried Traffic Excess.
I got the 4,000 Visitors package and the next day they delivered all the traffic to my website and I made 3 sales all for a $242 profit.
Thank you, Traffic Excess."

John Kenner.
"The numbers have definitely picked up and so has the response. Keep those Opportunity Seekers / Network Marketers coming! ha ha

We just sent you another $59.00 for our second order of 10K visitors (Same Demographics)"

Phil Correia
"There was a HUGE number of hits (8,000) on my site when I ordered from  I use a 3rd party to track my results.  I also received $350 in orders the following day.

Thanks a million!"

Chris Wilson
"Just wanted to say thank you for your support and encouragement.  I'm sure that I will use your site in the near future to draw visitors to my website.  Thanks again!!!!"

Doyle Lavergne
"Thank you for the commission. I have lost my money buying and selling traffic in the last 6 months over $700. Most went out of business before they opened. I was very cautious dealing with another Traffic Affiliate Program. Traffic Excess is very upright, honest and upfront with their dealing. I hope we can do business for a long time."

Fred Cancel
"Dear Folks at Traffic Excess, I am truly excited to be, finally, working with a true Internet Marketing company that does what they say and say what them mean. As a relatively new Internet company, we have dealt with many marketing groups who have taken our money but not produced the results needed. When we go back to them, we get nothing but excuses and reasons why we saw no results. We were at our limits when we tried your company. As a test, and did a very small campaign. You can't imagine our surprise when we started getting hundreds, then thousands of visitors to our site - EVEN THROUGH THE WEEKEND. AND, we know they were genuine visitors because not only do we have a third party statistical reporting method, we had several sign ups with our company the very first day!! My goodness - you should have seen the faces on my Senior Staff members as I gave my report on visitors to our site. Their mouths literally fell open! I want to thank you for being the real thing. So many folks need to know about you and I, for one, will spread the news. You not only proved results, your customer service is excellent with quick responses to our questions and giving us great information on how to increase our sales and increase our results. Additionally, I am very impressed that your sales people did not try to talk me into a more expensive product than we needed just to increase sales for your company. My representative gave me realistic information and guidance and suggested useful information for us to judge the results. The greatest I can say is THANK YOU so much! We have finally found a company that can REALLY do the job. Our plans are to stick with the company that works for us - and that is you!"

Sheila Moppin ( President/CEO)
"Hello, and thank you for responding so fast. I ordered your program 
last night at about 9:00 EST, and since then I have been in contact with you
three times. You seem to run a good business, that is refreshing to 
see. It would be a pleasure to actively promote your affiliate program with my second site. 

I would also like to let you know that even though I haven't 
even received one visitor from your excellent website yet, by the way I have been treated so far, I feel SO CONFIDENT in your business already, that I will be upgrading to the 100,000 weekly visitor package as soon as my current package expires. My only wish would be that other internet companies would operate in the same ethical manner that you have conducted yourself. 
Perhaps then, more people would feel confident about starting their own 
internet business, and they could have the freedom and income that only an internet business offers. I will also actively promote your services for I have found one of the rare companies that "walks the walk". Keep up the excellent effort and you will have one lifelong customer."

Thank you for your time,

Ryan Catney
Alternative Medicine & Health
"We purchase banner advertising from on a regular basis. The first week we advertised with them we received many hits to our Website. A few weeks after that we received more inquires from customers that saw our ad on, visited our Web Site, and made purchases. We also received about 25 emails from customers that found us through, which told us that our banner was being viewed by people who are interested in our service. We just want to tell you how pleased we are with the banner campaigns we purchase from you. Thank you for bringing qualified and motivated visitors to our Website. We have been purchasing banner advertising from you for about one year now and the results have been great!"


Email2Success Advertising and Marketing Department

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