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Client Outcomes





Michael Troyer's innovative methods and facilitating experience has helped to:

Guide a 25 million dollar manufacturer in developing a research and development function to reduce their dependence on a mature product that represented 70% of their revenues;


Facilitate a multi-million dollar operation in sharpening its operational planning, critical to execution of the firm's strategic plan, and facilitate the development of more effective working relationships among key executives, in support of their implementation of the plan;


Guide a distributor and mail-order business in coping with its rapid growth (from $28 million to $46 million over a three-year time span) by rebuilding the infrastructure needed to support this growth;


Direct the planning and strategy discussions of a construction firm in order to strengthen its competitive position in the market, improve its bidding process and make its design-build strength a competitive advantage;


Strengthen the strategic thinking and competitive positioning of an architectural firm as it sought to expand and to better manage the external, competitive forces it faced;


Guide a printing business in its growth from a small operation to a business of $2 million annually;


Facilitate a communications business in managing its growth during a period when it was evolving from a $1 million dollar business to a $2 million dollar business in a 48 month span;


Facilitate a strategic plan for a paper company in the mature phase of its industry group's evolution, in order to allow it time to reposition itself, to acquire another company as a means of short-term repositioning, and to manage a start-up subsidiary with a diametrically opposite strategic focus from its parent;


Focus the principals of a product-development business on the execution of their manufacturing operation, to ensure new products got to market, even as they continued to generate additional new, innovative product ideas;


Facilitate a mixed, executive/employee planning team that sought to plan strategically for the future of the company while phasing into eventual employee ownership of the business.


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