Businesses that don't plan their future - Never have one!

You're busy orchestrating the present!

Let us help you create your future!


You add an ex officio member to your executive team - one with a passion to help you think strategically about your business - at a value-added cost.

You add someone skilled at asking tough questions, questions that won't otherwise be asked, because those within the organization are too close to the issue or too close to you.

You add a professional who will commit to staying with you and your team over the next twelve months to ensure that your strategic plan is executed - that the value-adding strategies that you have identified are implemented in a timely fashion.

Strategic Management Associates represents a facilitating service offering thirty years of professional experience, focused on the needs of competitive businesses for a professional to lead their strategic planning process.

We serve small to medium-sized businesses in the greater Northeastern Wisconsin area, including Green Bay, the Fox Valley, the Lakeshore and Door County.

We are experts in challenging and refreshing how you think about your business, in asking strategically-critical questions, and in facilitating an open and intense discussion about the strategic direction and future of your business.

Michael D. Troyer, Principal, has worked with a broad cross-section of businesses, including manufacturing, construction, banking, real estate development, paper-related businesses, technology development, professional services, family businesses, transportation, wholesale, and nonprofit organizations (including health care and education).

This range of experience ensures a depth and breadth of knowledge that benefits your business as you are guided through the strategic thinking process.

Dr. Troyer constantly adds new, innovative approaches to the strategy formulation process in order to better serve you. He has special experience in facilitating planning in multi-generational businesses - important in alleviating the natural tensions that arise when family and business are closely joined.

You will find that Michael Troyer is intensely committed to the ongoing strategic development of your Firm.

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