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Order a State/Province Targeted Guaranteed Visitors campaign

These are visitors whom have chosen to visit a site, and have chosen a specific category of interest. Your website will be shown to people in the specific USA State (such as New York, Texas, Florida, etc) or Canadian Province (such as Toronto, Ontario, etc) that you would like to target. Here each visitor is recorded as a visitor whenever they see your site. This is good for increasing sales and branding your website in the minds of your potential local customers so when they are ready to make a purchase, they will go to your site.  


What page should you send your visitors to? Increase your chances of making sales! 


State Targeted Unique Visitors. See the demographics here

After you have placed your order and are filling out the website you would like to advertise, please indicate the state you would like to target in the comments box.

  5,000 State Targeted Guaranteed Visitors            $89     

  10,000 State Targeted Guaranteed Visitors         $169     

  15,000 State Targeted Guaranteed Visitors          $249     

  20,000 State Targeted Guaranteed Visitors          $369     

  40,000 State Targeted Guaranteed Visitors          $729     

  100,000 State Targeted Guaranteed Visitors        $1,729     

For orders above 100,000 visitors on the State Targeted Visitors, please contact us by clicking here for pricing information.


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