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Poker Keyword Targeted Traffic 

Have you been purchasing Poker leads from lead sources and they have either been non-exclusive or the people you called never filled out the form, which proved to be a waste of your money?

If you have ever wanted to generate your own leads directly to your own form, you can finally do so with our Keyword Targeted Lead Program.

You are able to generate Poker leads to your site using our keyword targeted advertising program.

Our Advertising System operates as a keyword targeting system through our ad delivery application. It can recognize keywords on search engines and websites. When the Advertising System sees a match between an online shopper's search and your advertising keywords, it delivers a new browser window with the advertiser's specified site to the shopper. This window appears on top of the user's current browser window and partially covers the window.


Here are 2 examples: 

Looking for an online poker site, a person types in "Online Poker" in a search engine. The search engine delivers a page with its usual list of search results. The Advertising System delivers a new browser window above this listing, displaying the advertiser's landing Poker web page. The shopper can look at the search engine window and see a list of search results to decide between, or he/she can view the Traffic Excess advertiser page ad, with pictures, special offers, and prices. Which would you choose? 

A user visiting a Poker website, and when they arrive there, they are also shown a Poker related offer. Because the user is visiting that specific website, the Advertising System has matched the advertiser's website with the keywords that the advertiser chose to describe his site, such as "Poker", "Online Poker" and so on.  We call this user a "targeted visitor". The advertiser has reached a person who is interested in the service or product exactly when that person is motivated to pursue an opportunity.

An additional way of targeting is based on your target market. Because you know who your competitors are, you can reach your potential customers that are visiting your competitor websites. For example, if you offered "Online Poker", you can target people visiting, and




How is pricing done?
Our pricing model is called "cost per visitor" - or CPV.  This allows you to control the frequency and reach of your advertising while using keyword targeting to identify people you want to visit your website. With CPV, Traffic Excess delivers a consumer that is looking for your product or service at the exact time he/she needs it, which improves your conversion ratio. This is why we have a 90% advertiser retention rate.

Reach 50 million customers making over 5 billion searches each month at the precise moment they are interested in your web site. Traffic Excess is an advertising network powered by contextual marketing applications and web sites. For as little as $0.136 per unique visit, Traffic Excess can deliver your entire web site to an extremely targeted audience.

View our demo by clicking here

Get your Poker traffic in 4 easy steps:
1) Choose the number of Poker Visitors you want. 
2) Click the "Buy Now" button below your advertising package. 
3) On the next page, please click on "Click Here to Pay Now" button to complete your order. 
4) Enter your contact information so we can send the leads to you.

Note: Making any purchase below clarifies that you agree to our Terms of Service.
(Please note, we do not guarantee that you will be able to generate any Poker leads but we will help you reach that goal to the best of our abilities)

We accept debit and credit card payments. Please follow the onscreen instructions while placing your order.



Poker Keyword Targeted Visitors

After you have placed your order, we will analyze your site and send you a proposal with the search engine keywords and competitor urls that will get you the most traffic along with more potential leads. After you approve the proposal, we will go ahead and start your campaign within 1 business day. 

Please Note: Your previous day's stats will be emailed to you daily by 4 pm Central Standard Time. Stats from Friday - Sunday will be sent to your email on Monday by 4 pm Central Standard Time. Your stats will show how many visitors your website received each day.

We can target USA, Canada, UK and Australia Visitors

  600 Poker Keyword Targeted Visitors            $79

  1,100 Poker Keyword Targeted Visitors         $159  

  1,900 Poker Keyword Targeted Visitors         $239  

  3,000 Poker Keyword Targeted Visitors         $379

  3,950 Poker Keyword Targeted Visitors         $499

  7,000 Poker Keyword Targeted Visitors         $769   



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