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Home Business, Mortgage and Debt Consolidation Leads

The Cost Per Lead Customer Acquisition is a customized targeted lead generating program that enables you to acquire the number of targeted leads you need for your industry. We have packages ideal for Home Business/MLM's, Debt consolidation companies and Mortgage Companies wanting leads for their business.

                                Benefits of CPL Acquisition

1). You decide how many targeted leads you need and we continue promoting your offer to people until you receive the amount ordered.

2). We create the ad for you, so there is no further expense or time required on your part.

3). Since we create the ad for you, you can be sure that we treat your campaign unique from any other campaign we handle. This is available for the Targeted Home Business Leads, Debt and Mortgage Leads. 

4). We host your ads and we verify the leads to make sure that they are  qualified for your business.

5). Qualified and targeted home business leads will be sent to you on a daily basis in an excel format. Please note that the leads will not automatically feed into your system. They will be sent to you on a daily basis in an excel sheet.

6). You only pay a set fee. You can be assured that you will receive the number of leads that you ordered.


We offer 4 types of leads:

1). Home Business Leads: Click here to view this package

2). Debt Consolidation/Elimination Leads:   Click here to view this package

3). Internet Mortgage Leads:   Click here to view this package

4). Payday Loan Leads:   Click here to view this package

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